Thursday, September 20, 2007

Construction work begins at Indy

Ok, so just how does “Juan” get over the giddiness of riding aboard a 180mph land shark around the Speedway! As I‘ve been busy scribbling down my thoughts of this most excellent adventure over the past few weeks…

Being driven onto the Brickyard grounds to report to the Formula 1 garages for my ride Danny b pointed out how the Red bull hospitality suite was still being dismantled two days after the Brickyard 400.

And as we tried to avoid the billowing dust clouds being created by the construction work, a Yellow Shirt (IMS worker) tweeted his whistle at us, apparently thinking we were a couple ‘O mangy Dawg’s? So we obliged and walk down the dusty torn up road with the earthmoving equipment busily scraping away at the infield portion of IMS in earnest.

This construction work is the major renovations being conducted to the newly announced 2008 MOTO GP event. Which entails a reconfiguring of the road course to a 16 turn layout running the opposite direction of the previous Formula 1 races. Thus seeing all three of IMS’s major events “Turnin’ Left.”

Interestingly Joey Chitwood, IMS’s “COO-COO” Bird and chief mouthpiece for Tony George claims that a vintage Indian motorcycle has been acquired and is being restored in time to run the very first parade laps of the newly developed road course upon completion. But Chitwood has zero interest in being the vintage “Scooters” pilot for said occasion…