Friday, September 21, 2007

(Keep on Truckin’

Apparently everybody wants to race “Krapmann” Trucks these days… And why does that slick title make me think of that Super Duper Top 40 hit “Convoy?” Err good buddy; this here’s the Rubber duck-keep dat hammer down, 10-4?

In case you haven’t heard, joining the NCTS parade this weekend will be two, count ‘em; two “bonna-fied” Open Wheel Starzs… As JV the Crooner (Jacques Villeneuve) will now be accompanied on the high parts (banks) by Buddy “I used to be Indy” Lazier at the new Hollywood bowl… Better known as Los Wage$ Speedway…

Now all we need to do is get Wayne “Blue Suede Shues” Newton to sing the star spangali banner. Now I just wonder who’ll trip over who? Y’all know “Racin’ is Rubbin…”