Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New F1 Alliances?

Interestingly while Spyker appears to have been sold) Once again) speculation also centers upon the possible suitor of Aguri Suzuki’s Honda “B” Team which is also in search of a new infusion of cash.

Rumours suggest a possible partnership with Alejandro Agag. Whose interestingly a business associate of Flavour Flav’s as well as having ties to a company ironically sharing its mailing address with Emperor Bernardo’s GP2 Motorsport Ltd.

It also appears that Agag will be named one of the board members to Flavio & Bernie’s buyout of the beleaguered English Foosball team Queens Park Rangers. Yet along with the close working relationship Agag has with Briatore, there is speculation towards the Spaniard’s involvement possibly being with Prodrive next season. For more insight on Agag, see
Who is Alejandro?