Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ferrari and Alonso?

This latest headline made my stomach sick… As I just do NOT like Ferdi “the Putz.” And I was surprised to read that the latest speculation suggests that while Ron Dennis will most definitely give Alonso his walking papers for 2008, Ferdi could possibly be joining the “Kimster” at Scuderia Ferrari instead of going to Renault.

As you may have heard, McLaren has decided to not seek appeal of the WMSC’s colossal $100 million fine and instead has been seeking “closure” in the matter in regards to ceasing any further punative actions against the Woking based squad along with clarifying future FIA requirements. Most noteably the ruling to inspect their 2008 chassis prior to racing next year.

Thus as part of the continuing negotiations, scuttlebutt suggests that Alonso could be sent packing to Maranello as Felipe Massa’s replacement for 2008 with Massa taking Ralfanso’s seat at Toyota next year…

Yet I find all of this RIDICULOUS!!! Especially since Ferdi couldn’t handle the pressure of his rookie teammate having “equal” status with him this year and tried blackmailing Dennis into rectifying the situation. I mean, how in the HELL will “Putz-boy” be able to put up with Kimi Raikkonen? Or does Ferdi simply think he’ll be able to pull an M. Schumacher at the Prancing Horse and demote the Kimster to Number Two status? Stay tuned…

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