Friday, September 21, 2007

Montezuma’s revenge?

Once again SPEED ran long with its “live AMA Scooter-Fest” at Laguna Seca, going 10+ minutes into The Speed Report and thus effectively chopping Robin Miller out of NOT “Juan” but BOTH of his evening’s segments…

Thus I was “Peeved-Off” after Dave Despain kept strokin’ out the Open Wheel segment of Wind Tunnel co-Host Miller as the video tape faded to black just as Robin started discussing the latest potential driver market shake ups. (Shaken, Not Stirred, eh?)

Therefore I was forced to seek any further words ‘O punditry via the internets where as always Robin Miller’s latest SPEED commentary pulled NO punches…

I particularly liked the headline: Two Black Eyes for Champ Car. You see Miller was noting how it was abominable how first Oriel Servia and now Ryan Dalziel have bothed been punted in favour of public relations hiring’s of doce hombres David Martinez and Mario “Boom Boom” Dominguez.

As Dalziel has just been dumped from Pacific Coast Motorsports after a three year stint of building the team from the ground up, with Robin noting that neither Servia nor Dalziel are suitcases stuffed full ‘O Peso’s Paying drivers… No, they made their way up the ladder the ‘ol fashion way, with raw talent.

Of course this latest move most likely has something to do with esoteric promoter’s requirements of fielding two Mexicano’s in order to have the Guacamole Heads show up in full force. As unfortunately most of the solid Mexican hot shoes have opted for either rides in Tin Tops or Sports Cars. Almost makes you not wanna watch this season finale, eh? And certainly puts the kibosh on rooting for PCM in the future, yet perhaps Dalziel will land a better Champ Car ride in 2008?

And may be, just may be? I’ll get to hear ‘ol Miller reminisce about the good ‘ol dayzs ‘O Mexico City when his pal Tommy “The Gasman” Sneva commandeered a school bus.
Viva la Mexico!