Thursday, September 27, 2007

Second Fiddle?

So I couldn’t help laughing after reading about American ex-Formula 1 pilote Scott “Nose” Speed’s baptism to Southern Fried cookin’

In case you haven’t heard, Speed completed his very first test in an ARCA Re Max bomber at Talladega yesterday, where he reveald some of the startling differences between the world of F1 and (Ack!) Roundy Round. Notin’ that he was so used to somebody buckling him in and carrying his crash bucket…

Geez Scott, you means uze gotz-ta buckle yourz own seats belts? As well as carry your own Helmet. I mean c’mon your only testin’ an beginner’s Stock Car!

Hmm, wonder how “Half Gainer” Dario will fair in testin’ Or did the Flyin’ Scot forget to strap himself in?