Monday, September 24, 2007

Open Wheel Wanderer’s

Fortunately I was busy this weekend, so I MISSED all of the hyperboles over the Open Wheel warriors making their Tin Top debuts, or NOT makin’ duh show once again…

With Jackie V. qualifying an astounding seventh before running over a spinnin’ “Krapmann” competitor and windin’ up 21st with his good buddy Bobby Joe Lazier strokin’ home in 24th.

Meanwhile Sam “Not in a Boat” Hornish Jr. failed to qualify for his second attempt in the neXXtel cup event with AJ Wall Dinger finishing dead last.
And rumours persist that Dario “Half Gainer” Franchitti will make the jump to RASSCAR full time next season with a five year contract as “Juan ‘O Cheep’s” boyzs as Franchitti is expected to test an ARCA bomber this week in preparation (H) for his Tin Top debut at Talladega October 5th. Dario will be joined by another debutant named Scott Speed who’ll be runnin’ a third Red Bull entry for Eddie Sharp Racing…

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