Monday, September 17, 2007

Around the Globe

Well a lot has certainly transpired over the previous fortnight in regards to the world of motor racing, Not to mention the Italian & Belgian GP’s, the crowning of the 2007 IRL Champion and Champ Car plodding along… Everyone remember who Champ Car is? As we’ll FINALLY see them once again on TV October 21st at Surfer’s Paradise

Formula 1
Obviously the most shocking development of the 2007 season (besides Honda’s DISMAL performance) without a doubt is the WMSC’s bombshell of last Thursday… As I was most unaware of the colossal $100 million fine against McLaren along with loosing its 2007 Constructor’s points while visiting Watkins Glen.

This decision affectively hands the Constructor’s title to arch rival Ferrari as well as elevating everyone else forward one spot in the championship. And Kudos to BMW’s Dr. Mario Theissen for saying he wants NOTHING to do with inheriting second place in the Constructors championship via the Machiavellian workings of “Stepney Gate…”

Champ Car
Congrat’s to Justin Wilson for finally scoring a much overdue victory this season at Assen TT, as the lanky “Brit” has been robbed of victory previously this season by the Hamburgular at several venues.

Apparently long time friend and ex-teammate Jimmy Vasser has suggested that Alex Zanardi test a current Panoz DP 01 Champ Car chassis in hopes of resurrecting his Champ Car career. Yet at 40 years old, I hope the affable Italian will sensibly decide to pull a “Reggie Miller” and not attempt making a series comeback! As much as I like Zanardi, this seems a stretch at best as Champ Car has become a “Young guns” event a la Formula 1…

Forsythe has announced that David Martinez will replace Oriel Servia for the remaining two rounds in this years season, competing in Australia and Mexico City. Which dovetails nicely with being Martinez’s home race and effectively takes pressure off of Gerald Forsythe’s earlier dismissal of Mario “Boom Boom” Dominguez…

Champ Car has announced that the San Jose street race will be swapped back to Laguna Seca for 2008 as San Jose property development will interfere heavily with the street races current location. This is great news for “Juan” ‘O my favourite Norteamericano permanent road courses… Hmm? Perhaps a visit to the California venue is in order, eh?

Indy Car
Its always funny to hear one of the pundits echo your thoughts as SPEED’s Robin Miller mentioned previously how many would enjoy seeing Dario “Half Gainer” Franchitti win the Indy Car title, but NOT Michael Andretti winning it! As this is exactly what transpired at Chicagoland.

Although it was a nail biter and Franchitti was on the outside looking in with a single lap remaining before title protagonist Scott Dixon ran out of fuel with two corners to go…

Now everyone is holding their breath to see if the Flying Scotsman will make the jump to RASSCAR? As rumours abound that Dario has a five year contract to partner MAC Montoya next season at Chip Ganassi. Although this seems a bit confusing since Dan “Spike” Wheldon has repeatedly said he wants a shot at “Juan” ‘O “Cheep’s” Tin Tops, a la Sam Hornish Jr.

Now time for me to watch the Belgian GP… Which has to be one of the best racing venues on the planet! And with the front row being a Ferrari rosso lock-out with the McLaren Beastie Boyzs nipping at their heels, it should be a doozy, eh?