Wednesday, September 19, 2007

McLaren drops appeal

The FIA has confirmed that McLaren has dropped its appeal of the loss of its Hunga-boring Constructor’s points, which you may recall stemmed from Fernando Alonso’s pit lane shenanigans.

This is supposedly the same weekend that Ferdi tried blackmailing Ron Dennis into punting his prized protégé Lewis Hamilton from the all conquering McLaren Mercedes squad. Rumours suggest that the Ronster and Ferdi haven’t spoken to each other since…

Interestingly SPEED’s Bob Varsha noted that half of the record $100 million fine would now be split between the lower Formula 1 teams, which I assume this portion would come from what McLaren was expected to earn this season as one of the grids front runners. With the other half to be distributed to the various FIA delegations around the world…

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