Tuesday, April 10, 2007

French train sets record

This is amazing… As our beleaguered and falling apart rail system can only dream of such a thing. While we’re lucky enough to have the Talbot high speed trains running “Express” service from Seattle to Portland and Seattle to Vancouver, BC. These train trips aren’t exactly “Express! Well OK, they’re express compared to the traditional NEVER on-time “Normal” Amtrak service…

While our Talbot is allowed to hit top speeds of 79mph, the French TVG has just set a new speed record for trains. The specially prepared TVG hit a top velocity of 357mph (574kph) You can watch the video of this amazing run in the article: French Train sets new World Speed record

Yet, while the French are busy setting speed records, their Motorsport governing body is busy dismantling the “Ugly Duckling” French GP with plans to cancel the 2008 French Grand Prix at Magny Cours…

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