Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stirring the Pot

The “Split’s” obligatory conjuring of controversy is ripe once again with the story penned by Robin Miller on how Tony “Ronnie” George has let Kevin Kalkhoven standing at the altar.

Miller states that Champ Car’s tycoon Kalkhoven offered George the “plumb deal” of having some of Champ Cars biggest names come and compete at this year’s Indy 500 in efforts to spice up the show. And all that Mr. George had to do was provide free Honda “lumps” for Kalkhoven’s “All Stars.”

Yet in another pathetic media bantering of “He said, She said.” George claims that he didn’t think Kalkhoven’s offer was serious… Or more likely wasn’t interested in throwing Champ Car a “Life Line” as the series has barely managed to put 17 cars onto its grid for the first three races.

Yet Champ Car did put a monster hole in its schedule to accommodate running at the Brickyard, but with its team owners wanting Roger Penske’s set-up sheets along with testing and “top flight” equipment… Don’t expect any Open Wheel series co-mingling anytime soom!