Friday, April 27, 2007

KC (Duno) and the sunshine Band

Nope, that’s not a nod to some long forgotten ‘70’s band. But I just wanted to let all of “Y’all” Milka Duno fans out there know that she’s “passed” her rookie test

Duno has earned her rookie stripes for this weekend’s upcoming Kansas LOTTERYy 300 Indy Car race. And I don’t think that they could have picked a better event to start off at. As according to Robin Miller it’ll be a total crap shoot for those trying to run in a pack with her.

And perhaps Miller will be interested to note that Duno told IRL “scrutineer” Kevin Blanch that she could feel the track through her bottom side…


I may have to break down and watch another IRL race just to see how soon Duno causes the “Big Juan!” (Crash) Nah, I’ll just wait to get Miller’s forthright, clear and unbiased report on the action Sunday night.

And look out Mr. KISS (Gene Simmons) Milka just used your most pathetic moniker,

“I Am Indy” to describe her rookie indoctrination. And she’s definitely a HELL of a lot better looking, so perhaps if her Indy driving “gig” doesn’t work out, she could always become the Brickyard’s new spokesperson….
You can watch Milka, Sarah, Danica & Co. Sunday on ESPN2 @ 1:30PM Pacific