Tuesday, April 24, 2007

F1 Personnel on the hook?

With the month long break between Grand Prix’s and the F1 circus returning to their European home bases. Speculation suggests that teams will not only be busy updating current chassis with new developments, but also shaking up their staffs in hopes of rectifying poor performance.

Obviously the team most in the spotlight currently for lacking pace is Honda, followed closely by Renault and Toyota. I’d expect Honda to have the biggest potential “shake-up” as their “Design by Committee” approach is currently failing.

And although the current Technical Director has direct ties to Mr. Honda, his lack of Formula 1 experience seems ill-suited towards leading Honda out of its grasping at straws aero-tuft’s approach.

Renault has fallen off of its championship winning performance this year, but I think people are tending to overlook the importance of (GASP! _ Fernando Alonso. At least “Flavour Flav” (Flavio Briatore) seems to have learned his lesson this time.

Upon Michael Schumacher having secured his second World Championship with Benetton, “Schuey & Co.” departed for the Suderia. (Of course the suitcases full of Lira didn’t hurt) Yet Flavio said it was NOT the driver but his cars that had won the championship.

Yet Benetton managed to win only one race after Schumacher’s departure, before being sold to Renault. (Gerhard Berger’s final victory, 1997 German GP) Hence Messer Briatore was fired, with David Richards filling in briefly before Flav’s return.

And to me the ironies of Alonso’s departure under similar circumstances makes me wonder just how much of an ASSHOLE Flavio is, as he’s just lost his second double world champion. (Of course both drivers left for larger retainers…)

Meanwhile the team with one of the largest budgets in Formula 1 continues to flounder about mid-pack. Toyota seems completely off the pace and I presume Ralfie is licking his wounds over claiming to be one of the top three drivers in F1? As I’d have to disagree with Ralfansoe about driving for the fourth best team in F1, which I’m sure isn’t exactly where Toyota wishes to be.

Yet unless these three “contender’s” make miraculous strides, I think fourth place in the championship is the best they can hope for in 2007! And will the arrival of Prodrive to the grid next season, cause these various staffs to decide to jump ship?