Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ralfanso’s Fun Factory

Apparently Ralf Schumacher is none too impressed with the current Toyota TF 107. Schumacher has reportedly complained about the squad’s lack of pace shown so far this winter and doesn’t expect too much to happen in the season’s opening races.

And I just had to laugh upon reading “Ralfanso’s” latest comments claiming he’s one of the Top Three Drivers in Formula 1.

C’MON “Ralfie,” put down the Snaap’s … And you’d better lay off the Bit burger’s too for a little while, since I’m fairly certain that the majority of your fellow competitors would disagree…

I’m expecting “Top 3 Ralfanso” to continue playing tail gunner “Charlie” in the upcoming Melbourne race and will not be surprised to see him banging wheels at the rear of the grid with Mark Webber & Co.