Saturday, March 24, 2007

Indy Cars roar to life

OK, is it just me, or is it a slow news day when various Formula 1 websites are dribbling on ‘bout the Indy Racing League… Of course it’s good to have the Open Wheel machines back in action, giving us something else besides “RASSCAR!”

And as I’ve mentioned before, both the IRL and Champ Car need to come to their senses as both of the beleaguered Open Wheel racing entities continue to struggle to put together quality fields… Or for that matter quantity…

Meanwhile Art (Carney?) apparently has “Only Eyes for Danica!” C’mon, comparing Danica Patrick to Lewis Hamilton? Is anybody else seeing a problem here? I mean isn’t Danica much better looking!


  1. Are you being lookist ? :)

  2. Why Yes, I guess I am the lookist? I mean Danica is much easier on the eyes to look at than Lewis “Jaguar” Hamilton, eh? And isn’t it fun to see Danica throwing a tantrum in the pits after making a mistake…