Thursday, March 15, 2007

Super Aguri SA07

Super Aguri has finally launched its 2007 challenger, the SA07 from the pit lane in Melbourne. And all of the team members are saying the obligatory “we’re much better” newspeak. The team has also copied Toro Rosso’s stance of being completely “legal.”

The SA07 heavily borrows from Honda Racing’s parts bins by utilizing the Honda F1 power train, including a new carbon gearbox. I did find it interesting to read that the team failed its initial FIA monocoque crash test, delaying the launch by one month. And with the addition of “ANT” (Anthony Davidson) I do expect the team to move up the grid. Of course so do all of the other F1 teams.

Still the team has made impressive strides in its short history. Recall that this time one year ago the team was running a four year old Arrows chassis that was taken from the Australian airport where it was on display as a show car…

For previous F1 car launches, See; Scuderia Toro Rosso STR-02