Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Two Thumbs Up for Robin Miller


As always the outspoken barbs of the Champ Car World Series lack of entrants for the upcoming season has apparently cost the mercurial Robin Miller his writing “gig” for the floundering Open Wheel racing series.

Part of the reason I’ve enjoyed Robin’s RANTS so thouroghly over the past several years is because Miller isn’t shy of bashing BONEHEADED judgements made by sanctioning bodies, race series owners, drivers, fans and anything relavent to the world of Open Wheel racing.

Yet in the overwhelming world of being “PC” squeaky clean in the ever diminishing field of independent media, Champ Car has made a MAJOR ERROR by giving Miller the boot! And I can only hope this will not land Gordon Kirby the same fate.

Therefore I say hurrah to Speed TV for having the BALLS to have Robin Miller on its staff and what a bunch ‘O DUMBKAMPFS to the management at Champ Car who were unwilling to take a little constructive criticism. Perhaps this is why I have NOT received one single reply to the four letters I sent to Champ Car, PKV Racing and Global Events expressing my displeasures at the Portland autograph session last year, eh? See: Champ Car sends Devoted Fan Fuming

On last Sunday’s Wind Tunnel with Miller and Ed Hinton as co-hosts, Miller was on-form with his quips about being dumped by Champ Car, playfully having fun asking Mr. Despain if he could get him anything? “C’mon Dave-Play Along, I need to keep this job!”

Yet thankfully Miller hasn’t been swayed by his firing, as he answered the tough questions of how many cars will be on the grid for both Open Wheel series. Miller nonchalantly reported that the IRL will have a solid 18-19 cars, with Champ Car fielding somewhere between 1518. Can you say Merger?

This was upon The Speed Report’s Nicole Manske playing up Miller’s firing and Champ Car co-owner Kevin Kalkhoven’s comments that there will be some Really-Really-Really BIG announcements shortly…

For more of Robin Miller’s insightful sarcasm on the world of Open Wheel Racing, See: Open Wheel being trampled by Nextel Cup