Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coulthard’s Red Wings

Did you see the unbelievably STUPID overtaking maneuver that David Coulthard tried on Alexander Wurz with just eight laps remaining in the Australian Grand Prix. I’m thinking this isn’t one of Red Bulls planned for product endorsements…

I have just seen the incident in pause mode on the old VCR and talk about Jimi Hendrix’s lyrics “Tire Tracks ALL Across your Back!” It is utterly amazing to see an entire Formula 1 car cross completely OVER the nose of another with the actual wheels passing mere inches from the unsuspecting driver.

And it’s even more amazing that the extremely lanky Austrian’s crash helmet wasn’t impacted. Even more interesting was seeing Wurz’s quick reactions as he pulls his hands off of the steering wheel as DC goes crashing by!

I enjoyed Steve Matchett’s comments onWind Tunnel, stating that DC is frustrated… The Red Bull cars aren’t exactly living up to all of the hoped for performance of an Adrian Newey design and DC is frustrated as the sun is setting on his racing career…

Yet all I can say is, Smooth Move DC!