Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Open Wheel Notes

GASP! This weekend marks the start of the Open Wheel Racing season with the IRL striking the first blow with a night race at Homestead, Miami.

Unfortunately the IRL seems to have more “Joe-Mentum” then Champ Car at the moment. And straight from the “Horses Mouth,” Robin Miller is reporting that the IRL’s “Little Toot” (Beck Motorsports) will field a single car entry at Homestead. And the driver will be Alex Barron who spent last year in the Champ Car Atlantics trying to capture the $2 million prize.

Meanwhile Miller notes that Gerry Forsythe appears to be getting ready to field a second car upon the news that RuSPORT has joined forces with Rocketsports and both teams will only be fielding single car efforts. I’ll guess that Nelson Philippe will land the seat? He seems to be one of the best candidates, unless Forsythe is strickly going for dinero…

And David Phillips has also written lately about Champ Car needing to step up to the plate, as it seems to be possibly “Sink or Swim” time. See Phillips story: Tough Love.