Sunday, March 4, 2007

Danielle Steele’s trackside Romances

The timing of this announcement seems almost ideal as Anna Nicole Smith’s “tawdry” death still dominates headlines. RASSCAR is set to launch a series of seedy Romance novels set around the backdrop of its racing events.

MAC Montoya will fill the role of Latin Lover, while Jeffery “Pretty Boy” Gordon, Dale “Ironhead” Jr. and “Smoke” will drive all of the girls crazy as they fight over these hunks.

And of course there will be the mandatory “Cat Fights” along with countless scandals of trashy affairs between the bedsheets... (And to think I believed that RASSCAR was a Family Values orientated affair.)

Look for all of this to lead to a remake of Days ‘O Blunder on the silver screen, giving Tom Cruise a much needed box office hit… While Cole Trickle’s two new leading ladies Brittney “Shanade O'Connor” Spears and Paris Hilton has a massive “Bitch Slap” over who get’s to be Trickle’s lover…

OOPS! Sorry, but I just had to get that off my chest…