Monday, March 5, 2007

What will Michael do?

Ah the lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous… While recently playing golf in Dubai, Michael Schumacher commented over his still as yet undefined role at Ferrari.

Schumacher who’s expected to take up some sort of managerial role in the future stated how its great to work for a company that lets you decide what you wish to do.

Meanwhile three current Formula 1 drivers have made differing remarks towards the seven time World Champions presence during Ferrari winter tests.

In his typically harsh Aussie mentality, Mark Webber has spouted off about why in the HELL is Michael still floating around at the Scuderia’s outings? Perhaps you should focus upon getting up to pace aboard your mid-pack Red Bull, mate!

Also Kimi Raikkonen has said he doesn’t need Michael’s help or advice and now comes Felipe Massa’s comments about not missing Michael either.

Who says Formula 1 respects its elders? Gone and forgotten, eh? Yet reports state that Jean Todt has claimed he’d be extremely happy if Michael said that he wanted to be Team Principal as his new role at Ferrari. So perhaps Kimi and Felipe had better watch their tongues…