Sunday, March 4, 2007

Can Open Wheel racing survive?

Ok, so this is a little bit dated. Sorry for the delay but that’s what happens when you go away and play, eh?

YEE HAW!!! The Daytona 500 is finally OVER! And what a spectacle it was, with unprecedented CHEATING, the usual BIG wrecks and a controversial finish…

Yet this “800lb Gorilla” appears quite content to trample on anybody wishing to veer into its path, as the “premiere” North American series continues to flaunt a bottomless supply of sponsorship dollars for luring anybody with a crash helmet.

Now comes word that IRL star Dan Wheldon was busy working the paddock during the 49th running of the Daytona 500, having finally given up on his dreams of becoming a Formula 1 driver.

Alas, all seems not completely lost for Open Wheel racing fans as I passed thru the airport’s metal detector the baggage screener from two machines away said out loud. “Paul Tracy! I know that guy, he’s from Canada…”

This was in regards to the “Sand Dune” Tracy T-Shirt I was wearing, although I swore that I’d NEVER be a “Sugar Ray” Tracy fan… I had a sudden change of heart after last year’s experience at Portland. And how could you not appreciate PT’s theatrics of the past season…