Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Albers gets beaten again

OK, so it was a publicity stunt. Or more likely a PR exercise for the little Dutch team… And yes the competition should of won, but if I was Cristijan Albers I’d be getting slightly tired of constantly drawing the “short straw…”

Recently Albers in his Spyker F1 race car went head to head with a Dutch F16 fighter plane and the results were typical as jet planes are faster than Formula 1 cars.

And there appears to be even more scuttlebutt over Albers future with the Spyker team. Although Albers has “mega” connections with the Dutch outfit, he appears to be struggling with this year’s chassis and the switch to Bridgestone tires. And with Spyker’s appetite for cash, anything is possible to happen if Albers continues to muddle about…