Friday, April 20, 2007

Orient Surprise?

Oh NO! Look out… Here she comes, as I just spotted a headline claiming that Danica was fastest in practice in Motegi, Japan followed by Kosuke “Kiss my Grits!” Matsuura…

Holy Catfights Batmann… Can you imagine the media drubbing that’ll occur if Danica actually manages to win this event? Of course I’m certain that the “Red Menace” and “Peskey” squads will have something to say about the matter.

Then again what will either of the IRL’s feline duo fortune cookies say? Or perhaps Danica won’t wish to read her tea leafs as she may throw another TANTRUM if things DON’T go her way…

Yet contrary to popular belief, I’ll be busy watching the Champ Car race on ESPN this Sunday at 12 PM (Pacific) which hopefully won’t be another “Hamburgular” run-away…


  1. Tomas I think I will win an IndyCar race before Danica does. Now you say, "Dan, you will never win a race" Well EXACTLY my point. She can not drive in dirty air. Alot of GUYS can not as well so she can take solace in that. I am so SICK OF DANICA MANIA THAT I COULD PUKE.She is no better than Sarah Fisher in my book. Perhaps Milk and Donuts or whatever her name is will burst on to the scene in KC and DanicaMania will die Danny

  2. Dan,
    I guess that I find the Danica mania "bemusing" as she has yet to win a race. But she did manage to outqualify Sam Hornish Jr. in Motegi where they're all running laps over 200mph... And I think I'd rather have Danica or Sarah running side by side with me then Milka who'll be "racing" or is that moveable chicane next week in KC.