Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Racetrack Oasis

Without delving into politics… I find the notion of not only building a new racetrack in Kuwait ludicrous. But even more unbelievable is the thought of hosting a Grand Prix in this region of the WAR torn Middle East.

This idea seems totally outlandish to me! Especially upon reading the story about Rioter’s attempting to disrupt the most recent Bahrain Grand Prix.

Yet Bahrain has just announced plans to build an industrial automotive/technology complex adjacent the race circuit, with plans to build a university there. This school could even have links with an UK or US institution.

This was coupled with the opening of a new RUF factory (on the circuit’s grounds. The grand opening of RUF Automobile’s Herman Tilke designed factory featured the unveiling of RUF’s new Supercar, the CTR3. Founder Alois Ruf has been producing AWESOME Porsche aftermarket vehicles for the past 20 years and is the AMG of Porsche’s.

So the Middle East’s automotive connections seem to be thriving regardless of the instability of the region with two Grand Prix’s on the calendar for 2009. Yet what is the hurry to build all of the new circuits? I mean what’s wrong with the existing venues in Europe? Even if a few are outdated, they have history and ambiance on their side. Yet again I suppose everybody wants a piece of the pie…