Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another tepid Bump Day

As predicted, the Indy 500 has once again managed to scrape up enough entries to fill its traditional field of 33 starters… But as “Derr-Wreck” Daily would say: “Hang on to your Holly-Hocks!”

Because with an extremely LOW entry list of 38 participants, there will once again be HUGE gaps of TV filler time as this would see only 5 cars attempting to potentially “boomp” their way into the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing…”

And that’s only after Milka Duno passes her rookie test and nobody wads up their chassis during testing or the first weekend of qualifying.

This weekend’s Kansas City IRL race will determine Duno’s outcome for the upcoming Indy 500 as she’s scheduled to make her Indy Car debut. Speculation suggests that so much wing will be cranked onto her Dallara that even a novice could comfortably “cruise” around the high banks ‘O K.C.

One of the more interesting entrants for Indy is Luczo-Dragon Racing, which is co-owned by Roger Penske’s youngest son Jay. The younger Penske owns Dragon books which sells rare first editions. (DAMM! I didn’t know that selling books could be so lucrative…)

And is it just me? But it seems almost a little too pre-arranged that this team is leasing equipment from Penske along with running Ryan Briscoe who’s currently driving a Porsche RS Spyder in the ALMS for Penske.

Another story that makes for slightly odd bedfellows is the rumours of “little Al” (Al Unser Jr.) driving for AJ Foyt this year. Unser Jr. says that his current legal problems shouldn’t keep him from landing sponsorship.

Hey! If things got really bad little Al and AJ Foyt IV could do some “Tastes Great – Less Filling” commercials for Miller Beer…

Then again look for the female trio of drivers to get plenty ‘O air time as ABC will need something to focus upon during the countless hours of NON existent Bump Day…