Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wanna buy a Grand Prix?

Talk about you’re never ending Horse Race. It’s amazing how much current jockeying is occurring over attempts by various nations to potentially land one of Messer Ecclestone’s prized Grand Prix’s.

In the recent weeks much speculation has arisen over who’s possibly in the running for one of the “non-existent” calendar dates, with Singapore leading the charge.

Of course one cannot forget India or Russia, with Valencia in the queue. This along with reports of Korea having a deal while Cancun is hopeful of boosting its economy with a Grand Prix.

Interestingly Valencia’s city council has just approved funding to create a new street circuit a la Monaco, along its boardwalk where the America’s Cup is currently being held. This is in hopes of landing a 2009 calendar date.

And Singapore is also poised to host a race on its city streets, having just unveiled its planned racetrack layout which also sports a Monte Carlo waterside theme.

Meanwhile speculation focuses upon France moving its Magny Cours event to Euro-Disney or a second venue near Paris. (While it appears to be OFF the 2008 F1 Calendar) And there also appears to be rumours of Australia changing its Grand Prix location?

Of course this doesn’t bode well for any of the current European Grand Prix venues as there are only so many dates possible on the schedule. Then again with the demise of the Concorde agreement on the horizon, perhaps Bernie “The Muppet” will have his cake and eat it too?

“Show me the Money!”