Monday, April 30, 2007

”MAC” ‘N Cheese

Ok, so I know I should really stay away from stories like this, but I just couldn’t resist upon hearing the news about MAC Montoya’s latest escapades.

I find it hilarious that MAC got caught via in-car camera giving a fellow competitor the “BIRD” in a recent RASSCAR event… OOPS!

And not to be outdone was MAC’s new dancing partner Tony “FUCK the Interview” Stewart. Apparently “Smoke” thought he could skip “Dodge” after getting pipped by “Pretty Boy Floyd” (Jeff Gordon) for the victory in Phoenix.

And then shockingly Smoke told his Serious Satellite audience that he believed that Nextel Cup had indeed become RASSCAR “WWF RASSLIN” with all of its PHANTOM cautions to bunch the field back up prior to the checkered flag…

Both drivers were fined $10,000 and put on probation for the remainder of the year for their outbursts during the Phoenix race weekend. Perhaps it was the desert heat that got to them? Then again they’re both lucky they didn’t decide to tangle with Sherriff Joe of Maricopa County!

Ah Shucks “Oscifer” I didn’t mean it…