Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Indy struggling with entries?

In what seems to have become a new yearly tradition, once again reports are suggesting that this year’s Indianapolis 500 may be shy of its traditional 33 starters.

Yet for the past few years the naysayer’s suggest that this May will be the year that Indy doesn’t field 33 cars. But somehow Tony “Ronnie” George always seems to manage to dig far enough into his pockets (or the Family’s piggybank) to ensure that there’s eleven rows of three cars taking the green flag after “Gomer Pyle” sings Back Home in Indiana Again.

And the biggest problem I noticed about the entry lists floating around was that they did NOT mention ANY Chip Ganassi entries. Surely “Cheep” will be fielding at least two cars?

Or if we’d be gullible enough to believe Robin Miller… “The Red Menace” as he’s nicknamed Ganassi: “Will Finish 1-2-3” at the Brickyard this Memorial Day with “MAC” Montoya in the third chassis.

And don’t forget Milka…