Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I found the article “Call an Ambulance for Germany” to be pretty funny… About the Huns crying in their Bitburger, since they play “God Save the Queen” after McLaren wins a Grand Prix. “Ja, butz ze McLaren iz powered bys ze Mercedes-Benz!”

Of course there’s a rookie crop of young Germans on the horizon awaiting their chance in F1. Sebastian Vettel is keen to see “Quick Nick” depart to Toyota, while Nico Hulkenberg is poised to make the jump from A1 GP directly into Formula 1. And I suppose it doesn’t hurt having Willi Weber as your manager.

And causing even more grief for the devoted Deutshlanders… Is the fact that this year will be only the third time in history that there’s NO German Grand Prix on the F1 Calendar. Although I’d heard about Germany possibly sharing racing venues, I missed the announcement that this had actually happened. Hockenheim which owns the rights to the German Grand Prix’s name, seems reluctant to give the name away to its rival Nurburgring race track, hence this year’s German Formula 1 round will continue on as the European Grand Prix…