Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Two of Formula 1's Brightest lights Illuminating Benevolence

Seriously! Azerbaijan, who's just held its first major sporting event, the European Games in order to spruce  up its International image wouldn't even let The Guardian Newspaper into its country to report upon the games after they'd been critical towards Baku during the events lead-up.

On the heels of this heavy handedness comes word that the good 'Ol USA is resuming its military assistance to Bahrain because they've made great strides in reforming their Government, Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge! NO! Seriously that's what they're using to justify resuming military Aid to the country.

Ah, don't Y'all just LUV' the smell of Democracy in the Morning!

Let's see, NO French or German Grand Prix's and Italy's on the Guillotine - Ooh la la, Mon Cherie!