Monday, July 13, 2015

HYDROS: Weather Hampers Season Opener in Madison

Won't go A-L-L Full Throttle on Yuhs regarding how 'Ol Mother Nature is wreaking havoc in many ways this year with high temperatures, Forest Fires, etc.

Although I was away from thy Confuzer' over the past 4th 'O July weekend, I finally got round to finding out what happened in the H1 Unlimiteds 2015 season opening race at Madison, Indiana (July 4-5th) late last week - and naturally was quite surprised with what I discovered

As only five of the eleven competitors took to the water Sunday in a non-points paying modified race format after high waters left the altered race course being constantly barraged by mud and debris!

After an emergency Team Owners meeting was held and teams surveyed the course and were given the option to skip  running, a paltry five Hulls took to the waters in an impressive feat to ensure the Fans actually got to witness the B-I-G' BOATS, nee Unlimiteds' racing. So Y'all gotta give a huge tip 'O thee Hat to all wishing to risk damaging their equipment or worse yet, possible driver injury!

In the end, the U-5 Graham Trucking I won ahead of the Madison's own U-1 Oh Boy Oberto, which would have had a different outcome had it been a conventional points paying race - when the U-5 would have been DSQ'ED! (Disqualified)

Thus the season will now commence with the series Super Bowl showcase event at Tri Cities, Washington, site of this year's APBA Gold Cup event, July 24-26, followed a week later at Seattle's Seafair Regatta, July 31st to August 2nd as the Hydros'  make their yearly Pacific Northwest Double-header sweep.

Talk about trial under fire, as note how relatively new H1 Boss, ex Miss Madison/Oh Boy Oberto pilot Steve David handled the situation positively, which seems a stark contrast from IndyCar's Mark Miles heavy handedness towards criticism recently...