Tuesday, July 14, 2015

INDYCAR; Pondering the Past, Present and Future

Y'all know you're spendin' way TOO mucho time Blogging when you cannot even remember how you got onto  an unsought topic...

Originally was just planning to post the link to Curty' Cavin's insightful piece upon how IndyCar's legendary drivers are getting towards the end of the road - which ponders the delicate Questione of how to balance the Gynormous popularity of the Sport's Greatest Generation vs. Current Drivers.

As really cannot proclaim it was my "Inner Child's" voice subconsciously telling me today was  his fateful anniversary, but somehow I found myself suddenly scourin' the vast No Fenders archives in search of what I'd previously scribbled 'bout the late Jeff Krosnoff, who perished 19yrs ago today on Bastille Day in Toronto..

Yet when searching Zed Internetz, what mostly Pop's Up first is various videos of his fatal crash for which I didn't think appropriate and chose something different instead.

Or Y'all can check out my Jeff Krosnoff tribute in; Remembering Jeff Krosnoff

And while today's date is somewhat sad in regards to Messer Krosnoff's death, as always, unfortunately he's not the only Open Wheel Racing driver to lose his life. While spare a thought for Max Papis who's lost two good friends in separate racing incidents, i.e.; Jeff Krosnoff and Greg Moore...