Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Bastille Day

Don't forget the Frenchies', after all today's  some 'lil 'Ol Holiday...

Ho Hum, another year,  another Bastille Day and another year without any Stinkin' French Grand Prix! Which still just doesn't feel right to Mwah, even if Magny Cours was somewhat not appreciated, it was one of the few  remaining racetracks I'd hoped to attend one day.

Yet at least we've still got le 'Reggie, nee Renault to Kick Around in Formula 1, right Monsieur Horner, Herr Marco and "Deeter Majestik; Hooah!

Whilst at least we've actually got French Gran Primo Pilotes' in both F1 and IndyCar, so now all we need is a French Grand Prix, and NO! Not just a Formula E race in Paris, but a F1 race with real honest-to-goodness Petrol sippin' Power Units Wee-Wee!

First we take Baku - then North Korea; Oh Never Mind!