Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Hydros' are Coming!

Betcha Y'all didn't see that one coming, eh?

Forth 'O July definitely means summer, and summer means Hydroplanes here in the Pacific Northwest.

Although our highlight 'O summer known as Seafair when the revered Seafair Pirates invade the shores of Leshi, the Blue Angels take over the Airspace of Seattle and the roar of Unlimited Hydroplanes are heard choppin' up the waters of Lake Washington isn't for another month.

Yet the Hydros' have already slung some Roostertails on the "right side" of Washington, when the series held its version of Spring Training on the Columbia River this past  June.

But Instead of fantasizing over Seafair, which will be here 'N gone in the blink of an eye, the H1 Unlimited B-I-g' Boats begin another season of Roostertails this weekend in Madison, Indiana, with the traditional Governor's Cup race on the banks of the Ohio river. (July 3-5)

As not sure who all's racing, since it seems pretty hard to get any decent information on this series... Not to mention apparently having had wholesale changes over the winter, although Madison's own U-1 Oh Boy Oberto is back to defend its National High Points Championship with Jimmy Shane, who captured his second consecutive championship last November in Qatar.

There are supposedly twelve Hulls, although the official H1 Unlimited website claims there's 15-drivers; as I'm NO Mathematician, so not sure how that works, eh?

As I'd ARSE-sume that Oh Boy Oberto's stiffest competition will come from the U-96 Spirit of Qatar's Jean Theoret, whom I last recall  piloting the Miss Beacon Plumbing to victory at Seafair.

As Oh 'KanaDuh's Theoret, hailing from Maple Grove had been out of boats since 2009 before being called into substitute for Kip Brown at last year's season finale in Qatar. As Kip's since walked away from driving the U-96 by "mutual" consent after having neck surgery, and hence Theoret now takes over fulltime for team owner Eric Ellstrom.

And I'd expect the two Miss Graham Trucking boats (U5 & U7) to be in the mix,  especially the U-5 after having recently learned its chauffer J Michael Kelly won the most races last season and came excruciatingly close to winning the championship!

And the U-9 Miss Red Dot/Les Schwab who's got a new pilot at its Keyboard, Scott Liddycoat, who I've never heard of before should figure into the mix. While there's probably somebody who'll come to the fore that's been overlooked, eh? Perhaps  the U-27 or U-21? Especially since this year's number of events is so ridiculously small!

As it seems a long time ago now,  when three of this year's competitor's were testing on the Columbia River in Tri Cities at the beginning of June, hoping to get a potential jump on the rest of the competition, which we'll see how it all goes down this weekend and if anybody can knock off Jimmy Shane and the Oh Boy Oberto...