Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Move over Formula 1, its Roundy-round time on Our Network!

Ah, the tranquility of getting to watch; Err listen to another Formula 1 Broadcast; Uhm? Where'd I-T go, eh?

So, a large part  of me wanted to give "Peacock-lite," nee NBC Sports Network a "You're Number One!" 'Fast Eddie (Carpenter) salute this past weekend, or even more appropriate a Will  Power Double Byrd salute in regards to some FREAKIN' pain in thy ARSE "Taxicabs" race from Mother Speedway trumping F1!

As really NBCSN? Like why isn't the Brickyard 400 on the B-I-G' Network channel? As that's pretty rich that first some two-wheels bicycling marathon from France and then Red Bull's Global Rally Cross is taking precedence Thar!

As F1's getting the Red Hair Step 'Seester treatment - with just a single lowly 4-FRILLIN' DARK-30 AM airing  upon CNBC. As I cannot even discern a single replay; WTF! And I thought it was the pinnacle 'O motorsports, eh? Uhm, that must be why NBCSN is trimming one half hour off of their riveting Friday Qualie' replay, right?

As do NOT want to hear one FREAKIN' word 'bout F1 television ratings being dismal Stateside when you dump them off to a third rate channel in order to host Rally Cross and 'RASSCAR instead, although surely Y'all can watch it live  on your smart devices, right?

GADS! Never thought those good 'Ol SPEED Dazes would have been so simple, when they had broadcast "equity" with F1 replays every Tuesday morning after a Grand Prix weekend at 9:30AM! (Pacific) Ro-Ro, am I being too critical towards F1? As good thingy' they DON'T have NO STINKIN' GAG ORDERS!

Especially since this FUCKING STUPENDOUS Rule made my blood Boil over when first hearing it NO less then on the very day that Formula 1 was grieving the death of Jules Bianchi in Nice at his Funeral!

As why do I feel like Mark Miles needs to breathe into a paper bag? Or is that also being too critical? Uhm, may be I shouldn't say any more, since I'm already pushing the boundries by noting;