Monday, July 13, 2015

INDYCAR: Miles seeing Stars, wearing Stripes and Decrying NO More Fireworks!

Cannot get anymore red, white 'N blue then that, eh? Although we've moved on to another historic event, having just raced at the iconic Milwaukee Fairgrounds which hosted its first race in 1903!

As why does this latest tirade from Mark Miles, which immediately made me think of George Bush and I'm the Decider; YIKES!! When I first read it two weeks ago still has me PISSED OFF  at him! I mean, talk 'bout your negativity, eh?

As surely; DON'T call me Shirley; Hya! By now Y'all have heard Mark "I've Got a Plan!" Miles Huff 'N Puff over how he's "Fighting Mad!" And isn't gonna takes its NO more by Gummit! I'm the Decider and you cannot say anythingy' BAD about our racing series, as Miles has decreed how he'll be cracking down on any critics; Kapishe!

As really? While I understand the need for showing everybody Who's Boss Mr. Miles, along with not bringing up painful memories that paint a bad reflection on the Sport. Nonetheless, if Drivers and Teams are telling you what's a potential problem and you keep a lid on it, then what do you expect?

And by-the-way Ed Carpenter; Get Over It! Tweeting negative things about your competitors and throwing your Spotter underneath the bus for your taking out your team-mate at Fontana aren't exactly becoming of a Team Owner with close ties to the series "Super Bowl" of races...

For which all I've got to say about Miles talkin' tough is Put a Sock in I-T!

Perhaps you should strap on a Dallara DW12 and go round in circles with a pack of your Buddies for 500-miles side-by-side at over 210mph! As I won't even begin on the latest NASCAR crash at Daytona  or what Austin Dillon had to say about the craziness of "Pack Racing!"

Y'all know where Dillon's iconic No. 3 Chevrolet went airborne into the catch fencing, was completely shredded to pieces and several spectators were injured by flying debris!

While I totally applaud Indy Cars decision to fine Will Power $25k and being placed on probation for pushing a Safety Worker, which as I already said previously is a B-I-G' NO-NO and rightly should fall under Zero Tolerance for disobedience.

And is it just Mwah? But I find it a travesty that leaving Pitlane with portions of your Fuel-hose still attached and then subsequently dropping it On-track and bringing out a yellow flag to remove said debris is only a $5,000 Boo-Boo! No Foul, Play on Y'all!

As what type of message does this send to the competitors? And if IndyCar really did change the rule on this this season, then why couldn't Derrick Walker elaborate upon this during his visit to the TV Booth?

As this is just plain STUPID! Not to mention Dangerous! As what'll happen when everybody starts leaving Pitlane early since they know it'll only cost their team a few thousand Smackeroos, and so be it if it harms somebody?

As Montoya got fined $1,500 for running over another Air-hose at Fontana,  which he also did at Indianapolis, and when will running over an Air-hose involve a Crew Member; Oh Never Mind!

OOPS! What's that? A one Mr. Mark Miles on line-one? Sorry Mark, am I being too critical of IndyCar? I didn't mean too...

Ooh, Ah, look at the Purdy Fireworks! What's 'Dat? 4th 'O July's over, but surely the Fireworks aren't...

Here's a wild ARSE crazy idea Mr. Miles... Why don't Yuhs make your vaunted Live Timing & Scoring webpage easy to navigate for the visually impaired! As once again I was thwarted by the ambiguity of the constantly changing page layout & unable to find the mythical Play button after 15mins of searching during Milwaukee Qualifying and simply gave up in DISGUST!OOPS! Is that being too critical? Oh Never Mind!