Sunday, July 5, 2015

F1: Time for a New Regime

I first heard the news about a potential buyout of Formula 1 on the Guardian, in a story by their F1 Correspondent Paul Weaver on Tuesday, June 23rd. As why does this story make me think of that old Sayin';

Smoke 'em if Ya Gots them!

As typical, this story came out of left field, as I'm  still somewhat disappointed that CVC Capital, the Blood Sucking entity that's been drinking Formula 1 Dry! Wouldn't sell their "Wayward Son" to TV Mogul John Malone and his Liberty Media Corporation, who's Charter Communications will now Takeover Time Warner after regulators put the Kybosh upon comca$t's planned acquisition of their No. 1 rival.

Although James Allen reports that Malone is still in the running with a revised bid...

Whilst Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward points out the  obvious, most likely ruse in play, in the following;

As its somewhat ironic that this speculation has surface just days prior to this year's British Grand Prix, which after all  is the Home venue for the majority of the current F1 Constructors, which makes me flash back to the summer of 2009 when they were threatening to form their Breakaway Grand Prix series.

And I'm well aware of that proverbial saying "Be Careful of What You Wish For!" But really? Uncle Bernaughty's foaming at the mouth how F1's CRAP! Which I fine supremely rich! Akin to calling the tea kettle black.

Thus isn't it high time for a substantial reshaping of the sport that Messer Bernard Ecclestone firmly ran into the ground - while becoming a Billionaire. Not to mention the impotence of FIA leader Jean Todt - who as Mr. Saward would cleverly say is hiding behind his desk!

Alas, have zero idea if this latest speculation will come to fruition? As the effort is being spearheaded by Yuhs guessed I-T! Another OLD White Rich Guy who's only ten years Mr. E's junior.

But I think it would be very good for Formula 1 in whole, whilst sacking an soon-to-be 85yr old Tyrant would allow some modern thinking to be injected. Which would theoretically enable the current V-6 Hybrid engine format to remain intact, for which I find to be plenty L-O-U-D enough! Especially since it distinguishes them vs. the previous normally aspirated era...