Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jules Bianchi: Future F1 Star passes away

Sadly, albeit not surprising, especially after learning just how nasty his head injuries were, I first heard the news late Friday evening via the Indianapolis Star that Jules Bianchi had finally succumbed from his ill-fated accident last October at Suzuka after nine months in a coma.  

That words alone, including whatever I scribble here on this 'lil BLOB' as thy late esteemed 'Awntie Harriet christened it obviously cannot even do justice to what the Bianchi family is experiencing right now! Although I'd just like to say how impressed I've been with their forthrightness over their son's medical condition every step of the way.

While  motorsports in general have been rocked by countless tragedies over the years, much has occurred in Formula 1 between Ayrton Senna, the last driver fatality from a race up to Jules death , including the late Maria de Villota who also succumbed to head injuries from her F1 testing accident, eerily for Marussia...

As naturally much of the Formula 1 fraternity and beyond have all posted their respects electronically, for which a wide sampling of have been presented in the story below.