Wednesday, December 11, 2013

F1: Some Lone Star Barbeque with Sao Paolo Sprinkles on top...

Sebastian Vettel at this year's USGP in Austin, Texas. (Image Source: Active Pictures;
Otay, so I'm currently reveling in the Christmas cheer; Err perhaps thee Eggnog, hic; Hya! (Hey! You'd be drinking too if Y'all were trying to battle loading these stories on ' with CRAPY vision...) Here at No Fenders - after all it is thee Holidazes; Yeehaw! And upon returning from another fantastic outing at Circuit Of The Americas I found my F1 batteries rejuvenated for the momente...

Ah, what can I say about COTA that hasn't already been mentioned? As although the outcome would see the same DAMN "Whinerschnitzel win again, nevertheless there's just nothun' better than being at the racetrack for three days straight!

Yet I simply cannot remember I-T all, as I'm trying to scribble it A-L-L down before it disappears; with obviously the biggest news being thy 'Kimster's decision to have season ending back surgery - effectively closing the book upon his Lotus F1 career.

Yet as  much as it pains me to admit this, "TWINKIEBOY" (Seb' Vettel) was simply amazing as he just kept  continuously stretching out his FREAKIN' lead: SHEISA! As I really wanted to see anybody else win! As it would have been  pretty kOOL to witness Romain Grosjean's debutant Formula 1 victory, or Mark Webber clipping Vettel's wings, etc. Yet we just stood there  in Turn-11 counting the seconds 'N seconds tick, tick, tick bye before the black 'N gold car, i.e.; Grosjean's Lotus finally showed up while being harried by Webber's ever constant shadow aboard his Seester' Red Bull chassis; while is it a sign of things to come? As highly touted Team Willy's Finnish Rookie  Valtteri Bottas scored his debutant F1 points in Austin...

And with my new found enthusiasm for this year's fleeting Grand Prix season, I decided to not bother watching; Err recording Friday's Free Practise-2 session  and then was summarily PEEVED OFF by "Peacock-lite" (NBCSN) once again who butchered the SHIT outta their late nite 'Qualie replay, as I stayed up into thy "Wee  hours to watch/listen to the Driver's press conference which they unbelievably decided NOT to show; FUCK YOU NBCSN! I mean why did I stay up 'til 11:30PM Pacific? Oh Never Mind!

Thus Sunday's season finishing race seemed overly anti-climatic, as Gee Wally, guess who won again? Yep! His initials are Sebastian Vettel... Who not only obliterated the field, but in doing so tied Alberto Ascari's most consecutive wins record; Achtung Baby!

And Mark Webber capped off his F1 career with a memorable drive to second place, needing to overtake his good friend Fernando twice with Alonso rounding out the podium's roster, as Webber did the unthinkable by taking his gloves and helmet off upon his final cool-down lap - not to mention celebrating his final F1 podium with his good friend; NO! NOT Seb' Vettel but Fernando Alonso; Hya!