Monday, December 16, 2013

Briscoe's Christmas present...

Although this had become one of the worst kept secrets on Zed Internetz, nevertheless I'm extremely happy that Ryan Briscoe has finally received his Christmas present from Santa Ganassi this year...

thus with no great surprise, the 32yr old affable 'Aussie has been announced as the fourth hombre at thee 'Cheepster's stable 'O Indy Cars and will pilot the No. 8 NTT Data car, as I've expected ever since Dario Franchitti reluctantly retired leaving his primo No. 10 Target ride available which will be filled by his good buddy 'TK, aka Tony Kanaan, as I won't even make any Schnoz jokes here, as somehow I don't think the road to thy Naked Man on a Uni; Hya! Championship trophy just got any easier for the Captain since 'Cheep's got four pretty hot 'Schue's in his stable.

And having become a huge fan 'O Briscoe's ever since his super nice "Meet 'N Greet" at Mother Speedway last Carb Day, now I'll be rootin' for the Ganassi Boyz even more; YIKES!

Congrats Ryan!

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