Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slow down Seb' or we'll give the competition Twice as Many Points!

So while I'm loathe to changing the Formula 1 Driver's numbering scheme again, as I'd still prefer to see the old Constructir's numbers instead, i.e.; No. 3-4 were always Tyrrell, No. 27-28 belonged to thee Prancing Horse, (Ferrari) etc, nevertheless, the FIA; Err World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) has rubber stamped the change to mimic 'RASSCAR and Indy Cars Driver's permanent numbering scheme instead.

And in a further nod to the demands of entertainment, and perhaps even that 986lb Gorilla known as the National Football League, albeit Uncle Bernaughty could be heard shrieking in Paris the words Chase? We DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' CHASE FORMAT!! As the final F1 calendar race will now count for double points awarded to both Drivers and Constructors in hopes of keeping the title chases interesting to the end of the season...

Hmm? Perhaps this shall thout be knownst as the Seb' Vettel rule?

While the most important change was the approval of an F1 Cost Cap to be effective beginning in 2015...

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