Friday, December 13, 2013

Vettel seeing Double...

It's truly hard for me to swallow that I actually agree with something "TWINKIEBOY" has just said, as the Quadruple World Champion Seb' Vettel has rightfully derided the FIA's decision to award double points at the season's finale next year.

While UK's leading Formula 1 Blogsite F1 Fanatic has gone even further on the matter by rightly decrying how F1 is deluding itself with continuous gimmickry, albeit its worth noting that the World Endurance championship (WEC) awards double points for the Le Mans round of its championship, not to mention that IndyCar awards bonus points for qualifying at Indianapolis... Yet I truly feel F1 doesn't need to go this  route, since now all you'll need to do is hang around points-wise before swooping in and claiming 'Dem Bonus Points instead; YIKES!

Meanwhile our hero Seb' Vettel has now confirmed that he'll shortly become Papa Vettel as his longtime "High School Sweetheart" girlfriend is pregnant and the couple are expecting their first child in a month's time. As Hmm? I'm guessing that Seb's  gonna get a lot of his own medicine when the youngster ignores Daddy's commands, eh? Damn it kid! I said let daddy win; Hya!