Friday, December 13, 2013

Is P1 the new Nordschleife King?

Thanxs to Claudio, my (COTA) Personal Assistant, F1 Spotter and Austin Sherpa - who alerted me to the news that the 'Uber BAD ARSE McLaren P1 "Hypercar" has most likely set the new all time track record at what's known as thee "Green Hella!" This title being bestowed upon the Nurburgring's famous Nordschleife circuit by NO less than Sir Jackie Stewart...

And I just LUV' how Zed Internetz works, as I could only find the very difficult to listen to video link from Malaysia once, which indeed claims that the McLaren P1 broke the sub-seven minute mark.

Yet according to who you believe? McLaren is either the second or third auto manufacturer to do so, with la Scuderia claiming to be the first Supercar producer to break the seven minute barrier with its production based Ferrari 599XX, to which Y'all can watch the video by clicking Here.

Yet Der Fatherland's Porsche has also claimed a sub-seven minute lap at the Green Hell, ironically at the same 6:58 mark as Ferrari claims, with a Porsche 918 setting the similar time vs. Ferrari.

But now apparently, ex-McLaren F1 pilot 'Checa, aka Sergio Perez(?) has blistered the Nordschleife aboard a P1 - besting those times by ten seconds on street tyres and going even faster on slicks, while we await the official announcement of the McLaren's time...