Monday, December 2, 2013

Humming thru Paris...

While all of the major racing series have gone silent for 2013, nevertheless, activity is ramping up for the fast approaching 2014 DAKAR which begins on January 5th, as prior to this scribbling, the boat has left for South America with its precious cargo intact for its three week trek.

As typical, my hero Robby 'Dirtman "Gordoun" (Gordon) has been making his normal brash splash en route to the staging point, reportedly having troubles navigating the narrow streets of Gay Paree' in his ARSE-sumed Humdinger "truck," as there's NO word on whether or not Robby was heard asking for Freedumb Fries at the local McDougal's where his Hummer Rally Raid vehicle couldn't fit underneath the Golden Arches; Err Drive-thru window's turnstile before Messer Gordon utilized his super secret air-valve recharging system to deflate his tyres lickity split; Hooah!

After pumping his Hummer's rubber back up to Ash-fault recommended settings, Gordon then scurried off towards the French port of Le Havre where the cargo ship was  awaiting next year's race competitors...

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