Thursday, December 5, 2013

2014 F1 Calendar Confirmed...

The World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) recently met in Paris and ratified the 2014 F1 Calendar along with other such business, and not surprisingly, Mexico, New Jersey and Korea were all dropped from the official calendar.

Mexico's Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez simply couldn't be renovated in time, while New Jersey's Port Imperial project is still hampered by financial constraints, and Korea apparently couldn't renegotiate its contract to its liking after having never made money upon its race, as the calendar shrinks to 19-races next year from its proposed 22 events...

Meanwhile, the lone USGP in Austin, Texas has been shifted a Fortnight forward and ironically will now clash with the 'RASSCAR race at neighboring Texas Motor Speedway, (TMS) both being held the same day of November 2nd, to which typically, the B-I-G NOISE from TMS, Eddie "The Goose" Gossage - the impresario (President) of TMS has been squawking about by proclaiming;

Eddie Gossage:
 “It’s a foolish move by Formula One,”

“Our two NASCAR Sprint Cup races draw the two largest crowds in Texas sports. It isn’t the smartest move to try to compete with that. I’m sure regardless of what they say publicly, the folks at the Austin track are pulling their hair out over this one..."

Hmm? Is Eddie afraid he'll lose some of his fans to the pinnacle 'O motorsport? After all Formula 1 races are guaranteed to finish in 2hrs or less...

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