Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa giving out Double presents...

For all Yuhs Good Boys 'N Girls who haven't quite gotten your lists into Santa yet, never fear, the North Pole is making an exception this year. For all of those who's Christmas lists arrive on Dec 24, the last day before Christmas, you'll be pleased to learn that Santa will be awarding you double presents - but this offer is only valid  to those whose lists arrive on the final day before Christmas, as everybody who's list arrives prior to that will only receive single presents...

Meanwhile, this just in from Jolly 'Ol London, Uncle Scrooge, aka the Good Father Bernard Charles is set to hand out 44-pound note cheques to those of his favoured flock to wish them nothing more than some good holiday cheer, with Santa reportedly having wrapped up five slightly used Blackberries to drop off at the residence of Messer A. Hamilton's home which hopefully won't have any CCTV's focused upon the homes fireplace... While hopefully Luca M won't eat all of the Biscotti laid out for Mr. Claus before he drops by!

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