Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Honda to remain in Indy Car

With the Honda Motor Company having announced the shocking news that it has decided to divest itself of their less than stellar Formula 1 race team last week, many of us Open Wheel fans were probably left pondering whether or not Honda would remain loyal to the IndyCar World Series for 2009? As they are after all the leagues sole engine supplier.

But, according to the Indy Star’s resident Open Wheel Racing Guru Curt Cavin, Honda will indeed continue its association with the IRL for the upcoming season. (and beyond; as their contract runs thru the 2010 season, before we’ll potentially have multiple engine suppliers in 2011?) I mean, after all, they’ve got a monopoly on winning the Indy 500 at the moment, eh?

To read Cavin’s article, see; Honda will stay in IRL

And in this topsy-turvy time of financial gloom ‘N doom, you may wish to ponder Mr. Oreovicz’s question in regards to the now long completed Indy Car season, as after all its a great question, eh? (Even if its a bit dated...)

John Oreovicz:
“How do you quantify what counts as a high or a low for an IndyCar Series season during which Milka Duno led more laps than Danica Patrick?”

2008 Indy Car Season Review