Friday, December 12, 2008

Sayonara Super Aguri

Ironically, the demise of Super Aguri F1 earlier this season, was to be a forbearer of the Honda Motor Company’s shocking announcement that they were leaving formula 1 once again, although Jenson Button did score a single victory for Honda at the Hunga-boring-ring in ’06, I’d suggest that “super Best Friends” actually outperformed their “Big Brothers” during their extremely brief tenure in F1, as “TAKU” (Takuma Sato) had the audacity to pass both Jense and Rubino on regular occasion and the Honda F1 team only nipped Super Aguri for 8th place in the ’07 Constructors championship by 2 points (6-4)in the season finale at Shanghai! And at least Super Aguri finished ahead of McLaren. (Well ok, everybody did thanks to Stefney-gate, eh?)

Sayonara Super Best Friends!