Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Life “O Uh “Vurd Butcheruer”

I tell yuh! The universe sure works in a funny way, as once again Karma has intervened, with my choice of story titles being scribbled prior to discovering Kohl’s name of his newest blog endeavor; the United Open-Wheel Word butchers Association. And the name is worth the price of admission alone. So, you may wish to check it out, although the site is in its infancy, so it’ll need time to grow.

United Open-Wheel Word butchers Association
Meanwhile, back at Planet No Fenders, as your humble Vurd Butcheruer tries futilely to rendezvous with another Award wining story. Ground control to Major Tom! Pull up, Pull up; snap out of it Jimbo!

(Sorry 'bout 'dat! I just watched The Right Stuff)

“And I haven’t even begun reading my “prized” and extremely hard to obtain copy of The Life of Senna, (498 pages + Appendixes) by Tom Rubython...”
OK, this is embarrassing, as I’ve scribbled about these two books in the past, when writing my very first, brief book review on the Grand Prix Saboteurs and The Life of Senna, albeit just in passing one and a half+ years ago... As it was to be my forthcoming reading project for winter ’07; but Y’all know how that goes, as another of “Auntie” Harriet’s sayings comes to mind; The best laid intentions of Men and Mice...

Since it’s now winter once again and I’ve engrossed myself in a new reading project, along with presumably becoming a “Preferred Customer” of

And thus, while I’m not keen to promote certain websites, if you’re so inclined to hunt for some of the following books I’ve decided to scribble ‘bout... Try checking out the aforementioned site or Speed or even, gasp!, as I’m sure somebody would appreciate one of these as a stocking stuffer, eh? (Although I seem to have a knack of selecting hard to find, out of print titles...)

Yet, alas; poor Mr. Saward, whom seems to be stuck in the queue, along with Mr. Rubython’s most controversial book, both being weigh laid in the garage for awhile longer. Sorry Ayrton!

Oh yeah! If you’re in the market for a 2009 Indy Car calendar, then check out “The Dawg’s” story; IndyCar Calendars Benefit Schmidt Foundation